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Speedling Expand

Posted by QueenOfBlades on 2011-01-02

Race: Zerg
Best used Versus: Protoss
Mode: 1 v 1
Game: Wings of Liberty

Threatening the Protoss with Speedlings (and feint Banelings) while using them to defend an early expansion.

supply create notes
10unit: Overlord
11construct: Spawning Pool
10construct: Extractor
11unit: Queen+ 2 Zerglings
research: Metabolic Boost@ 100 gas
construct: Hatchery EXPAND
17unit: Overlord

The reasoning behind this build is simple. Trying to take your natural before you have Zerglings out to assist is very risky. If the Protoss uses their Probe to block your expansion or builds a Pylon in the way, it can result in a significantly delayed Hatchery. By getting Zerglings beforehand, the Probe can be chased away and any Pylons can be quickly destroyed. Because you will not have creep at your natural to place a Spine Crawler to defend against a rush, Zergling Speed is immediately researched so that you can stop or deter early attacks with Speedlings, map control, and scouting denial.

If you see that he is playing with 1 Gateway inside of his base with a blocked in wall you can simply use your Zerglings to kill off his scouting Probe and you should make only Drones after this point for a while. If your opponent went for a Forge outside of his base, it is easy to tell he is going to try and fast expand. A good goal is to make around 8 Zerglings with the speed upgrade and check for holes in the Protoss’ wall.

Other Information
Players may choose to get gas before the Spawning Pool so that they will have 100 gas when their Spawning Pool is finished. Compared to other fast expand builds such as 14 hatch 14 pool or 14 pool 15 hatch, this build is not as economical. However, this build is less risky in the early game as the faster access to Zerglings deals more effectively with early pressure.

Getting Zerglings first prevent probes from delaying or pylon blocking your natural hatchery and denies any sort of cannon rush.

Teamliquid.net (http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Speedling_Expand)

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