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:[Starcraft Build Orders]: - Build(Ghost First (vs. Terran))

Ghost First (vs. Terran)

Posted by Cybermewtwo on 2011-02-05

Race: Terran
Best used Versus: Terran
Mode: 2 v 2
Game: Wings of Liberty

Using Ghosts to start a transition into a Bio build for the late game. Designed for use on 4 Player Maps

supply create notes
10construct: Supply Depot
11construct: Refinery@ Late 11/11 supply
12construct: Barracks
14 Scout
15unit: Marine
16turn CC into: Orbital Command
16construct: Ghost Academy(hidden)
16construct: Supply Depot
16build: Techlab (on Barracks)
18unit: Ghost
21construct: Refinery
21construct: Barracks

After the Ghost is done - pump Marauders and research Stim-Packs. The aim is to attack with your first Marine and Ghost with the aim to snipe any defending Marines and harass the SCVs. Should your opponent pull SCVs off mining in order to defend, just kill those and get away. You can also bring 2 or 3 SCVs yourself to soak up damage, attack, or even construct a Bunker (NOTE: SCVs are faster than Ghosts and Marines and can be sent along a few seconds after you send out the infantry). Only do this attack with your first Ghost and Marine. If you lose your Marine, send just your Ghost, but if you lose your Ghost, do not attempt this attack.

The main point of scouting is simply to find your opponent initially. Your Ghost/Marine attack may give you more scouting information. If you see a Bunker at the enemies ramp, pull back your attack.

Other Information
Use the initial Orbital energy for a MULE but save the second batch for a scan. Try to get a glimpse at both his ramp (as you attack) and his tech pattern (bio/tanks/banshees) unless you really don't need it. While your attack is happening, get a tech lab on your second Barracks and build Marauders and research Stim to defend any counter push. From here, you can get a third Barracks, expand or whatever else, it's up to you!

While the build is still effective if the Ghost Academy is scouted, keeping it hidden will help maintain an element of surprise against many opponents. As the Ghost is very strong against early infantry, this surprise can net you a powerful opening and even a quick win. You can hide your Academy in the back of your base, behind smoke, or, if you scout an empty main base, you can hide it there.

Any 4 player map is good for this build. Maps with large areas outside your opponent's main, such as Metalopolis, are good for microing your Ghosts. Maps that encourage Banshees can help your chances of getting the desired Cloaked Banshee opponent.



Check out Ghost First (vs. Terran) in action
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