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2fact 2port

Posted by RaynorRaider on 2011-02-22

Race: Terran
Best used Versus: Terran
Mode: 1 v 1
Game: Wings of Liberty

This build utilizes two fast factories and then two fast starports. The 2ports give you tremendous flexibility in countering terran openings.

supply create notes
10construct: Supply Depot
12construct: Barracks
13construct: Refinery
15turn CC into: Orbital Command
15unit: Marinemake one marine, then queue another (only make 2 marines)
16construct: Supply Depot
17construct: Refinery
(supply counts discontinued from here - keep making scvs
construct: Factory
construct: Factory
build: Techlab (on Barracks)
swap first factory onto rax
unit: Hellionmake 1 hellion & get preigniter
research: Infernal Pre-Igniter
unit: Hellionmake 1 hellion on second factory
>> clear xelnagas with hellion
construct: Starport
construct: Starport
>> supply drop!!!
unit: Medivac
>> poke up ramp with a hellion, try to scout composition
>>starport production is dependent on opponent's composition

This build utilizes two fast factories and then two fast starports. Infernal pre-igniter is researched as soon as possible. Fast 2 factories gives you a powerful early aggression-stopper (vs marines and hellions), and gives you map control. A fast medivac is created to give a counter-attack and economic damage threat. This is a hard-counter to rushed cloaked banshees + bunker at front. The 2 starports give you tremendous flexibility in countering terran openings. Banshees can be countered by simultaneously creating a raven and a viking, while dropping hellions. Reactored starport openings can be countered by actually creating 3 vikings at once instead of two. Marine/tank openings can be countered by creating vikings and banshees simultaneously.

Marine/Tank opening
Tells: no bunker at front, marines only, should see tank on subsequent pokes
Your starports should open 1banshee1viking after your intial medivac.

Banshee opening
Tells: bunker at front, no tanks or marauders on subsequent pokes up ramp
Your starports should open 1raven1viking after your intitial medivac (swap with factory once preigniter is done).

Bio or possible FE
Tells: no bunker, but marauders produced.
Your starports should open 2x banshee after your initial medivac. Mass banshee + blue flame hellion mops up bio relatively easily. Research cloak ASAP. In the event of a FE, you need to be very proactive about banshee harass and hellion drops.

Viking-heavy (reactored port) opening
Tells: hard to scout for, check starport upon hellion drop. Usually opens with one tank, no bunker
If your opponent makes 2 vikings at once, make 3. Create reactors on your rax while creating vikings.

Other Information
The composition basically works the same as muta/ling/bling, and has a similar playstyle.

- Blue flame hellions act as the banelings (they kill marines, and are disposable)
- Banshees act as the muta air-to-ground attack (cleaning up ground units after banelings hit)
- Vikings act as the muta air-to-air attack (holding air superiority).
- Should it get to that point, battlecruisers can act as broodlords, countering thors (although BCs are much easier to get and are also quite good vs marines)

This build works for the same reasons muta/ling/bling does, and as a result, it has the same properties as typical ZvT. This means that:

- This build is more powerful on longer rush distances due to the mobility advantage
- Keeping map awareness and map control is very important
- Losing air control is bad (similar to how losing all your mutas results in you being vulnerable to drops and banshees)

TL;DR: Play like a zerg player. Keep that mentality in mind.

Thor opening
Tells: usually bunker at the front - can be hard to scout for.
This is the hardest opening for this build, but it is also the most rare. Several other openings like cloaked banshee opening is countered by the Thor opening, so I sometimes consider Thor a 'counter' build instead of a legitimate TvT opener. You're going to have to go for an economy trade if your opponent attacks. As soon as his thor leaves his base, drop hellions and rack up kills. Open 1banshee/1viking. You really need to go all-in on this thor and do more economic damage to win. Send your SCVs on it, land your vikings if there is no air to shoot, attack with your banshees and hellions. If you execute it right, you should have done more economic damage than your opponent, although it's usually close.

TeamLiquid (iEchoic): http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=189624


See 2fact 2port in action
(Click Here for YouTube page)

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