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Starcraft Build Order Guides

:[Starcraft Build Orders]: - Build(Double OC Expand)

Double OC Expand

Posted by RaynorRaider on 2011-06-10

Race: Terran
Best used Versus: Zerg
Mode: 1 v 1
Game: Wings of Liberty

Quickly establish a phenomenal economy off of a 2 Barracks single or double expand

supply create notes
10construct: Supply Depot
12construct: Barracks
14construct: Barracks
15turn CC into: Orbital Command
16construct: Supply Depot
23construct: Command Center(in base)
27construct: Command Center(at Natural)
27construct: Supply Depot
Move barracks to create wall-in (more detail in Analysis)
30construct: Bunker x3 at Natural
(--no more supply count. general layout--)
CC1 finishes, load SCVs and float to third-> OC when landed
Double Gas at Main
CC2 finishes, maynard 4-5 SCVs and build OC
Factory at 100 Gas -> Tech Lab
Double Gas at Natural
Armory upon Factory Completion
Blue Flame and Hellion upon Tech Lab completion
Thor and +1 Vehicle Armor upon Armory completion
Double Gas at Third
Add more Factories until you have 5 -> All build Tech Labs
Continue Vehicle Armor research to level 3
build Marine or Marauder to deal with Muta or Roach
max 200/200 and push with army
take 4th base

We open with a 2 Barracks Double Expand. The 2 barracks allows lots of marines to defend early pressure and forces early lings from your opponent. Applying pressure is optional. You expand once at 23 supply and again at 27 supply. Your first CC will be build in-base in the direction closest to your nearest third and the second CC will be at your natural. Once you've established your expansions, you want to do a 3 Bunker wall-off and move your barracks accordingly to defend against early Bane/Ling aggression. Space out the 3 Bunkers and have the Barracks blocking the insides of the gaps. These wallins are super robust and should hold against even the strongest of baneling busts once you get your Hellions out.

After building the 5 factories, the next thing you need to find out what the Zerg is doing. With 3 Orbitals, a scan is practically free. Scan the main first and if you do not glean any information, scan the nat. Checking both places should allow you to figure the tech tree out. Place addons to your 2 barracks and add marines or marauders with their respective upgrades accordingly. Your goal is to defend until you are 200/200 and 0/3 armor is finished. Push out at this point and take your 4th base.

Other Information
The next step is to begin teching. You want to grab both gasses at your main and quickly saturate them so that you can begin your Factory asap. Once the factory is done, go straight for a tech lab for Blue Flame and an Armory for armor upgrades and Thor tech. Add double gasses to your natural and third as you start to need more. Add 4 more factories for a total of 5 and build tech labs on all of them. With 5 Factory production, you will always be able to spend your money well. Thors will soak your gas and minerals and anything spare will be able to go into hellions. Perfect off of 3 bases.

This opener is only viable on the following ladder maps: Shattered Temple, Shakuras Plateau, Tal'Darim Altar and Typhon Peaks.

TeamLiquid Forums - http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=231925

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